Date and place of birth: 19.9.35, Czechoslovakia.
Education: B.Sc (1958) and M.Sc (1960), McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Ph.D, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1973), all in the Earth Sciences (geology).
Tour Guide course, Israel Ministry of Tourism, 1996-97. Guiding in English, Hebrew and Slovakian.
Special expertise and interests: geology, history- archaeology, astronomy, ancient Jerusalem, Judeo-Christianity, photography  good food and wine.

Residence and contact: 12 Haportzim Str. Apt. 1, Jerusalem 93662, Israel
Tel: 02-5814475, cell: 050-4550466,
Toll free (US and Canada): 1-888-880-0217

Born in Czechoslovakia (Moravia), I was with my family smuggled out of the country during the “anschlus” and passed the last year of a war-time childhood in the mountains of Slovakia. We emigrated to Canada in 1948 where I matured and studied (geological sciences) at McGill University in Montreal. During and immediately following my university studies I was involved in geological mapping and mineral exploration across the Canadian Arctic, northern Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland, Southern Africa and Namibia. While a graduate student and research scientist at the Hebrew University (1965-73) my geological research and Ph.D thesis focused on the Precambrian rocks of the Eilat area and the Sinai Peninsula. During 1973-1977 I carried out mineral exploration and ran a geological consulting office in Toronto, Canada. In 1977 I joined the Geological Survey of Israel as senior research scientist continuing my geological research in the Sinai Peninsula until 1982. After the return of Sinai to its owners my scientific efforts focused on geochemical exploration, tectonic processes and the volcanogenic history of the Hermon Range. While at the GSI, and since retirement, part of my time was, and still is, devoted in providing consultation and technical assistance on ancient materials (jewelry, pottery, glass, faience, plaster) to the Israel archaeological community.

Since completing the Israel Ministry of Tourism tour guide course in 1997, besides guiding small groups I have carried out a number of geo-archaeological investigations including those pertaining to the historicity of the Old Testament (e.g. Hezekiah’s Aqueduct), the destruction of the Israelite city of Lachish, scientific evidence pertaining to the 70CE Temple Mount conflagration  (the Josephus Flavius narrative) and the provenance of ballast on the sunken Maagan Michael Persian-period merchantman vessel. During the last decade I am increasingly more involved in research pertaining to early Judeo-Christianity with publications and film (Discovery-Science) now in final stages of preparation. I have lectured widely on the subjects above and have published over 100 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts in the geological and geo-archaeological sciences.

​   Aryeh E. Shimron